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Added Emma Jayne 23.05.2017, 08:22

ive been playing on and off for about two weeks now PAID version and I'm pretty disappointed that the character customizations are so limited I mean id like to have the Darth Maul race I'm using and have dual bladed weapon using my current perks but its not allowed and I don't really want to create another character just to use a dual blade.
another thing is the controls I get that there is so many abilities so solely using a controller would limit it but if you could use a controller movement would be so much better and assign skills to buttons, one skill I'm annoyed with is the standard attack, I upgraded it and now have to wait what 20seconds before I can strike again its the second slowest after being upgraded.
missions with random people and not just friends would be great to the few friends I know that do game only play on console so cant join in

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