Which is the best contradiction? Light side Sith or Dark side Jedi?

Added Michele 14.10.2014, 21:39

I find it hilarious how you can make a jedi to be completely dark side, and a sith to be completely light side.
In my opinion, the Jedi especially is incredibly funny, because when you chose the dark side answers, you mostly get the feeling of being a low level gangster, kinda like "gimme all your money or I'm gonna shoot you in the face".

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19.10.2014, 19:52
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I think I agree with you. Having a Sith dogooder isn't exactly funny. It's basically a good guy undercover

A Jedi who remains a Jedi but kills everything he sees: s/he might as well be moved to the empire side if s/he is openly hostile.



21.10.2014, 22:00
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I believe sith is the best way, you can kill and have fun.



22.10.2014, 14:14
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I was playing as Light, but then i would try to be sith and its a lot more funny XD

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