It is worth playing without spend money?

Added Vertess 14.05.2014, 23:17

I mean is this game P2W?
Because i hear a rumors, and i thinking aboutgive this game a chance, but i want to be sure ;/

And by P2W i mean i can achive everything what can achive players which spend money ?
Or there are some restrictions ?

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01.06.2014, 23:22

There are limits, of course, however I'm level 25 currently and have had no trouble with the game and I haven't spent anything on it. It's a fantastic game that doesn't require you to buy anything, plus of your a Star Wars fan I highly reccomend it. :D p.s. I'm a level 25 Sith Warrior spec'd as a juggernaunt w/ IGN: Darcanium :D



02.10.2014, 05:35

The only limit I perceive is that you can only purchase 200000 credit items. Other than that, sometimes people are gracious to add Cartel Unlocks in the GTN, and credits can be gained through grinding.

Other than that, having fun is possible with the F2P's limits.

LVL 43 Scoundrel F2P



12.09.2015, 02:56

I ended the sith warrior class and started a jedi without spending nothing, the problem is the exp points cause beyond lvl 20 you will recieve less exp, but u'll get some free exp boosts.



01.11.2016, 20:07

The most egregious limit for any F2P player is this: you can not reach the level cap.

F2P characters are restricted to a maximum level of 50. Purchasing the "Rise of the Hutt Cartel" ($19.99) expansion allows you to reach level 55. "Shadow of Revan," for the same price (which also provides you the content of the Hutt Cartel), increases it to 60.

Purchasing the latest release, "Knights of the Fallen Empire," will allow you to reach the present cap of 65 for a hefty $29.99 USD.

As a F2P'er myself, who reached level 50 on a Sith Inquisitor within a mere two days, I'll say this much: you can easily enjoy the content without paying. You WILL feel restricted by several of the limitations (UI modifications and inventory space in particular), but it's entirely possible to persevere...

...whether you want to, however, will be determined solely by how captivating you find the experience. Personally, upon reaching 50 and abruptly discovering that all of my achievements were now frivolous, as no quest or activity would ever contribute a whit to my character unless I bought the expansions, I quit. It was mildly amusing playing a diabolically evil Sith, cliche and melodramatic as so many of the available choices were, but not worth forking out $20-30 to continue when I could pick up both Knights of the Old Republic games for far less.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect as a F2P account from Star Wars: The Old Republic.
► 2 characters maximum
► 200,000 credit cap; excess is saved in an "escrow" and requires a purchase to access a limited amount
► 1 Crew Skill (crafting/gathering) only
► 2 Galactic Trade Network (auction house) slots
► 2 Quick/Hotbars only, with no modification of their location on the GUI
► 3 of the 9 species in character creation, all others require a purchase
► Limited cosmetic options (skin tone, hair, eyes, tattoos) in character creation
► 5 in-field revives per character
► No Bank space (must be purchased); "Legacy" bank in your home is available at level 15+
► Cannot send mail; may receive it
► Cannot trade items
► No Rested EXP
► No login/server-access priority or in-game support
► Restricted Chat functionality
► 3 Flashpoint rewards per week
► 3 Space Missions per week
► 5 Warzones per week
► No equipping of Artifact (purple-quality) gear. An unlock must be purchased to do so, with limited exceptions from the story missions.
► Weekly Pass must be purchased to access Operations

All told, eventually you will be hamstrung if you attempt to play this game as a pure F2P and you can entirely discount the possibility of even approaching the endgame.



18.10.2018, 14:19


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