I sense the patch... New update 4.0

14.09.2015, 13:13

New changes come to the one and only MMO from Star Wars universe. This time, devs covered the Imperial Agents and Smugglers, adjusting their features to the new metagame. Here is the the comment from the official site: ...we wanted to reinforce the slipperiness of Operatives and Scoundrels, so we g... (read more)

Upcoming expansion gets a new trailer

03.09.2015, 13:36

Bioware is definitely not resting - the new expansion "Knights of the Fallen Empire" is coming to your gaming machines October 27th. The adventure will continue in about a month - but right now you can watch the new trailer on YouTube. Still unsatisfied? Have some more questions about the expansion?... (read more)

Fistive Life Day Event

18.12.2014, 19:40

From December 16th to January 6th you can participate in this event. Take part in snowball fights, fireworks and explore your favorite planets around the galaxy. You can get snowballs thanks to MC with whom you can also get lots of snow. Later you can change these plots for Christmas festive rewards... (read more)


11.12.2014, 14:38

Dear Gamekitters, Are you thinking about preparing a videoguide about your favourite games? Have you prepared any guide yet? Would you like to share it with us and increase the number of views? We found a good solution! If you are interested, contact our moderator: (read more)

Help us and get pts!

08.12.2014, 14:48

Dear Gamekitters, Do you want to earn more pts easily? Great, because we prepared another option for you! We are looking for the users who will write news about the games from the list below on our website. If you are up to date with the news about your favourite game, contact our moderator: http:/... (read more)

Join us!

05.09.2014, 12:42

Dear players, Do you like GameKit? Would you like to help us develop the website? If yes, we have great news for you! We are looking for the users who want to become moderators and join our team. Do you think that moderating forum can be boring? Don't worry, we have much more ideas for your tasks. I... (read more)

Summer Double XP Week

30.06.2014, 13:17

Dear players, From tomorrow, 1st July 11am PDT till 7th July 12am PDT you can level up your main character faster because of Double XP and Legacy XP! Good luck.

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14.05.2014, 15:42

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