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Screenshot rejected for different name, but...

Added Supreme Gelynn 17.03.2019, 14:20

I had a screenshot rejected for having a different name. The irony here is I've been using the same name everywhere, and because I can't go back to view what I last entered, I can't tell if I actually did misspell it this time, or dared to use something different, for whatever reason. That's one big fault with this site. I'm unable to view task history. Sometimes I need to double check what I last did to make sure I know what I'm doing next and/or learn from mistakes.

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17.03.2019, 18:48

Hello, Supreme Gelynn. Unfortunately, as we do warn you to make sure that your name was entered correctly, there is nothing we can do if you make a mistake. This is in order to ensure the fairness of our system.


Supreme Gelynn

17.03.2019, 22:21

Well, unfortunately people do make mistakes. As far as fairness goes, if we have 5 different tasks going on at once, is it really fair to not allow us to keep track of the usernames we used? Not being able to view our own history is rather unreasonable. "Fair" is open to interpretation when it conflicts with ease of use in this service. More people would be open to utilizing this site if more features aided us rather than forced us to drive blind.

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