Upgrade Weekend!

05.08.2021, 16:28

Still striving to get the greatest performance out of your equipment? This weekend will be the perfect time to apply Tech Upgrades to your gear, as we’re doubling the amount of Technology Points earned from each one applied!From Thursday, August 5th at 8AM PDT (17:00 CEST) to Monday, August 9th at 1... (read more)

PC Patch Notes for 5/6/21

05.05.2021, 23:42

General:Resolved an issue that was causing the piloting maneuvers on the Kwejian Pilot Frigate [T6] to display incorrect thruster visuals.Infinity Lock Box Updates:Updated description on Infinity Lock Box to include the Kwejian Pilot Frigate. The missing ships were the Kwejian Pilot Frigate (T6), Jo... (read more)

Double XP Weekend!

07.04.2021, 21:12

Attention!We’ve doubled our efforts to give Captains the necessary experience to deal with threats to the Galaxy! From Thursday, April 8th at 8AM PT (17:00 CEST), to Monday, April 12th at 10AM PT (19:00 CEST), players will be able to enjoy twice the experience!During the event, content that provides... (read more)

20% Lobi Store Sale!

04.03.2021, 17:00

The Lobi Crystal Consortium is pleased to announce their latest featured sale! From Thursday, March 4th at 8AM PST (17:00 CET) til Monday, March 8th at 10AM PST (19:00 CET), shrewd Captains will be able to choose from their wide selection of wares, just by visiting the in-game Lobi store. All items ... (read more)

Save 25% on Keys and a Key Ring Bundle!

12.02.2021, 21:00

Temporal Anomalies have opened a hole to an alternate universe, one with a fantastic sale, Captains. But this Flash Sale will only be available for a limited time – from 12pm PT (21:00 CET) 2/12 - 12pm PT (21:00 CET) 2/14, on PC. Hurry and grab yourself some items at a one of our largest discounts e... (read more)

New Years 25% Zen Store Sale!

01.01.2021, 14:00

From January 1st at 8am PT (17:00 CET) to January 3rd at 10am PT (19:00 CET), you can save 25% on every item in the Zen Store! That means ship slots, XP boosts, ships, costumes, and anything else your heart desires! Happy New Year! May 2021 be full of joy and laughter and starships. Head there now, ... (read more)

Bonus Marks Weekend!

09.12.2020, 18:30

This weekend, starting Thursday, December 10th at 8AM PT (17:00 CET) to Monday, December 14th at 10AM PT (19:00 CET), we are running a special event where Captains can earn bonus Marks by playing content throughout the game!During the event, content that provides Marks (Fleet or Reputation) will rew... (read more)

PC Patch Notes for 11/5/20

05.11.2020, 03:47

General:Resolved an issue that was preventing teammates from receiving Episode rewards.Resolved an issue where claiming all the pieces of the Iconian Resistance Ground Set would reward the incorrect Title. Players that have already done this and received the incorrect Title will find a new Reputati... (read more)

Star Trek Online on the Epic Games Store!

06.10.2020, 19:00

Star Trek Online is coming to the Epic Games Store! In addition to the ability to launch the game from Arc or Steam, we're now joining the Epic Games Storefront as a third option to play in the Final Frontier on PC. This means you'll be able to download and launch STO from the Epic Games Store, as w... (read more)

Star Trek Day Sales!

08.09.2020, 16:30

It's time to save, Captains! In honor of both Star Trek's Birthday, and the release of House Divided on Xbox One and Playstation 4, we are having a veritable cosmos of sales today! Some of these have already been announced, but below, we have a full rundown of everything you can expect today, includ... (read more)

PC and Console Patch Notes for 8/4/20

04.08.2020, 02:25

CONSOLESummer Event:The Annual Lohlunat Festival returns with all your favorite activities!Command the Risian Weather Control Vessel!Participating in any of the Summer Events will Grant progress towards the all new Risian Weather Control Vessel [T6] ship!Earning a total of 20 Daily Progress will all... (read more)

Admiralty Bonus Event!

08.07.2020, 19:00

Starting this Thursday, we’re launching the Admiralty Bonus event! From July 9th at 8am PT (17:00 CEST) to July 13th at 10am PT (19:00 CEST), your Admiralty missions will give out bonus rewards! During this special event, you’ll find that all of your assignments give out double Campaign XP, allowing... (read more)

PC Patch Notes for 6/4/20

04.06.2020, 03:32

Event Campaign – Part II:This Featured Event will be the third of a series of upcoming Events that will participate in the second installment of our multi-event system known as an Event Campaign.No Win Scenario Event:Two existing activities will be participating in this Event:Arena of Sompek – Groun... (read more)

Jem'Hadar Recon Ship in the Lobi Store!

07.05.2020, 16:30

The Lobi Crystal Consortium is pleased to announce their latest featured sale! From Thursday, May 7th at 8AM PST til Monday, May 11th, at 10AM PST, shrewd Captains will be able to choose from their wide selection of wares, just by visiting the in-game Lobi store. All items in the Lobi Store will be ... (read more)

PC and Console Patch Notes for 4/9/20

08.04.2020, 16:52

PC:General:First Contact Day Event:Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause AFK status to be applied after completing First Contact Day – Model Rocket TFO.Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause the end scores to be unreliable based on the parts collected.First Contact Day – Model Rocket TF... (read more)

Claim Your Admiralty Ships Automatically!

06.02.2020, 03:11

There’s a question that Starfleet Admirals ask themselves every single day. “I have a massive fleet of ships at my command,” they say, “I can send them on missions. And if I’d like, I can send them to my coworkers and friends for them to send on missions. This is a great system! But why, oh why, doe... (read more)

PC Patch Notes for 1/16/20

15.01.2020, 15:36

General:Resolved an issue that was preventing Admiralty XP from being awarded.Content:Resolved an issue during “Into the Hive” TFO, which could sometimes cause the Borg Queen to fall off of the platform.Ships:The model for the Constellation Class Heavy Cruiser has been rebuilt.This revamped skin rep... (read more)

The Tzenkethi Go to War!

11.12.2019, 19:00

The Tzenkethi are not known for making idle threats. They promised that they would return with better weapons, and return, they did. The Tzenkethi Red Alert is a space-based 5v5 Red Alert-style queue in the Alpha Quadrant. The Tzenkethi have found a new way to Protomatter-bomb planets and it’s up to... (read more)

Once More Unto the Breach!

11.11.2019, 18:00

Beginning on November 12th, 2019, the Voth Citadel Ship can once more be breached and assaulted, as part of our next Featured Task Force Operation. While this TFO is available, Captains may participate daily to earn progress towards a brand new Featured-TFO reward, as well as earning Event Campaign ... (read more)

New Starter and Faction Packs!

17.10.2019, 18:00

This week, we’re unveiling some brand new Starter and Faction Packs, available today on PC, and coming later this year to Xbox One and Playstation 4. These Packs bundle together some of the best options available for starting Captains, helping you put your best foot forward into the Final Frontier, ... (read more)

New Intel Science Vessels!

24.09.2019, 18:00

Starting today, new Science Vessels are being made available on the C-Store for Federation and Klingon characters, along with their respected allied members among the Romulan and Dominion factions! These new vessels will be available in both Non-Fleet and Fleet variants.Special Introductory Pricing ... (read more)

The Voth Evolve in the Infinity Lock Box!

06.08.2019, 18:00

The Infinity Lock Box, containing prizes from nearly all previously-retired Lock Boxes, will be available again for an appearance beginning on PC on August 8th and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in September. During this time, enemies defeated on both Ground and Space maps will have a small chance of... (read more)

PC Patch Notes for 7/11/19

11.07.2019, 00:04

General:Made behind the scenes changes to improve server performance and reduce the feeling of lag.Resolved an issue that was causing unbound Duty Officers to become bound after completing an assignment.This will also unbind any Duty Officers that were affected by this issue.Updated the Intel Jacket... (read more)

PC Patch Notes for 6-13-19

12.06.2019, 13:36

General:Reduced the price of all items in the Weekend Event Store to 1 Voucher.Resolved an issue that was preventing some old event reputation projects from being automatically completed.UI:Resolved an issue that was causing the Gamma Symbol in The Swarm TFO to be larger than intended.Resolved an is... (read more)

Infinity Duty Officer Promotion!

02.05.2019, 17:00

Captains!We're happy to announce that you'll be able to enjoy 20% off all Duty Officer Packs! Captains can select from the following Duty Officer Packs for 20% from Thursday, May 2nd at 8AM PT to Monday, May 6th at 10am PT.Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer CadreReinforcements Duty Officer PackFleet Suppor... (read more)

Announcing: Gorn of Discovery

01.04.2019, 13:00

We’ve been gorn to secrecy about this for months, but it’s finally time to announce the next step in our on-gorning Discovery expansion: Star Trek Online: Gorn of Discovery! We know you're gornna love getting all the gorntent you crave! Try our newest missions, “Here Today, Gorn Tomorrow!” and “Gorn... (read more)

Foundry Sunset - April 11, 2019

04.03.2019, 11:00

Greetings Cryptic Fans,On April 11, we are sad to announce that we will be sunsetting the Foundry system for Neverwinter and Star Trek Online. This decision was not made lightly; the Foundry was a passion project for many of us, and we have loved seeing the unique stories and awesome content our Fo... (read more)

PC Patch Notes for 2/7/19

07.02.2019, 00:52

General:Resolved an issue that was causing the Terran Fortune Tribble to use the Kelvin Tribble FX.Resolved an issue that was causing EV suits to not display properly when worn with Terran Costume parts.Updated Admiral Quinn contact to have better messaging options for new Captains.UI:Resolved an is... (read more)

Updates to the Crystalline Catastrophe!

08.01.2019, 00:00

The Crystalline Entity is back and stronger than ever. After the success of the updated Crystalline Cataclysm Event last year, we’re bringing those changes to the regular Crystalline Catastrophe Task Force Operation.The Crystalline Catastrophe Task Force Operation has undergone some improvements! Ou... (read more)