We can’t get enough of Tinkers!

15.01.2020, 23:59

Hi Star Fam! It’s time for the first horse release of the year, and what could possibly be better than even more of our beloved Tinker horses?Gorgeous Tinker horses!Have a look at these three beauties! A Buckskin, a Palomino Sabino and a Dark Bay Tobiano Tinker horse have just arrived in Valedale. Y... (read more)

The wonderful Tinker Horse!

18.12.2019, 23:59

Hello StarFam! We’re getting closer to the end of 2019, and today we’re happy to present the final horse release of the year!The new and improved Tinker Horse!Did you know that the Tinker Horse was one of the very first unique horse models we released back in 2014? Now it’s time for us to wrap up ou... (read more)

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