Enter the Goldenleaf Gauntlet!

05.08.2020, 23:59

Hello StarFam! It’s time to #ExploreJorvik by heading towards our lovely autumnal Goldenhills Valley!A brand new race!Ewa at Goldenleaf Stables is a huge fan of both show jumping and cross country, so she decided to mix the best of both events and set up a special race like nothing Jorvik has ever s... (read more)

Show Jumping & Saddle Pads!

08.07.2020, 23:59

Hello StarFam! Since racing and matching outfits are favorite activities for many of us, this week we have an opportunity to do both!Show Jumping in MoorlandLinda Chanda is a talented showjumper. For the next two weeks, you can find her in Moorland where she hosts a fun showjumping race. Go on over ... (read more)

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