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The fluffiest horse of all time!

16.10.2019, 23:59

Hello StarFam! One of the most highly requested Star Stable horses of all time has been the Curly horse - and guess what, here it is!Greetings, curly one!The Curly is a very special type of horse. Not only is it a very pretty equine, but it is widely famous for its fur, which gave it its name. The f... (read more)

Gary’s back in town!

18.09.2019, 23:59

Hi StarFam! Our old friend Gary Goldtooth has returned along with NINE Jorvik Wild Horses! Here you got the perfect chance to add a horse you’ve previously missed out on to your horse collection!Gary and the Jorvik Wild HorsesAt his regular camp in Firgrove, Gary Goldtooth brought more horses than e... (read more)

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