PvE mission “Processing Rig” marathon!

15.02.2019, 23:59

Pilots! UMC reports that the current maximum successful mission completion level is 33!Pilots! The head of Ellydium corporation security Arlette Sokal came to us with a new task. All mercenaries who can successfully complete the PvE mission “Processing rig” at the highest level of difficulty* record... (read more)

Weekend with Star Conflict!

11.01.2019, 23:59

Pilots, the festive weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories!Weekend special offer:+50% experience in battlex2 experience transfer rate50% off the ‘Thar'Ga’ starter packThe bundle can be purchased both in the in-game store and right in the Ellydium ship tree.The ship “Thar'ga” be... (read more)

Flash news - Dogs of War update

22.09.2015, 14:45

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Information overdrive! (I'm kidding, just some info) Star Conflict got generally awaited patch - 1.2.0 - entitled Dogs of War. Lots of changes this time, among others: Ships PvP PvE and Special Operations Battlegrounds ...were updated. Full lis... (read more)

Take your chances at Cartoon Contest

08.09.2015, 14:48

Do you have the soul of the artist? Or maybe you are just good at managing dozens of paintbrushes in Photoshop? Don't be shy, try your luck in the most recent contest from the Star Conflict team. Details? Here you are: We invite you to clash in another battle, using your humour and artistic talent,... (read more)