How do I earn Gameskit points by playing Sparta: War of Empires?

Added Lionhearrt 18.12.2015, 05:23

Hi! I just joined today and a newbie in Gamekit. I was introduced to Gamekit by a LoL Youtuber named Calbel.

I just started playing Sparta: War of Empires in one of the Gamekit gaming libraries to get some points. I'm level 5 now in the game, but it doesn't seem to increase my EXP or my PTS earned in gamekit.

So far the only Gamekit points I received are from the introduction in which I have to check the store, make an account and so on. I was told that I have to play games in order to earn points in which I did. But I did not earn not a single point from it.

I read a few other posts in reddit and someone mentioned that we have to do a limited time quest. I looked around for it in the game and in the website and I can't seem to find it. Someone please help!

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10.02.2016, 23:42

I feel like Calbel didn't really make any of this clear enough, but I'm pretty sure that only games with "quests" will yield any points whatsoever. League has some quests so that seems like a good place to start but I don't think that playtime actually gives anything.

Hope this helps, I'm new here too, so I could be wrong, double check just in case.