How to complete this task ?

Added SimplyGamer 20.12.2014, 13:41

hello players, i don't know how to complete ( the achievement Paris ) plz help me :/

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18.02.2015, 09:49
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Paris - Trade Offers Accepted By Other Archons - This one takes some extra work on your part but it's not too difficult to do even quickly. You get this by posting trades of either resources or articles via the Port. Whenever one of your trade offers is accepted by another player you get credit. 1000 Trades gives you level 5. The easiest way to do this is to post medium sized load in a 1:2 ration in favor of the other player. These will generally be accepted almost immediately. You can of course make offers at market value but it will take longer to accomplish. Level 5 gets you 25 Drachmas.

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