CHEAPEST Smite Gems, Godpack and more

Added Robert 23.10.2020, 20:24

Hello guys i'm not going to waste nobody's time so i'm going to make it simple:‚Äč

I have the best prices for gems and gopack in smite

Here is the list of the prices:

800 Gems - 5$
1500 Gems - 8$
2500 Gems - 10$
3500 Gems - 13$
8000 Gems - 25$

200$ MINUS the price for 16k gems

Contact me on my discord: HappyTree#9213

If you are interested let me give you some quick answers to some of the questions you might have:

1. How do we do it?
Contact me on my discord: HappyTree#9213 for step by step explanations. The whole process is going to last >10 minutes. ( Careful for fake accounts, make sure the # is right ).

2. Will i have to give you my account?
Not really, i am going to enter your account to buy for you without actually asking for your credentials.

3. Is it legal? Why?
Yes it is, it's basically just a transaction, nothing fishy, we can talk about it more on discord. So 100% safe, no ban.

4. Payment method?
Paypal - friends and family.

5. Why would i trust you?
Moneywise i can't just run with your money because i would make more profit if you'd buy from me multiple times, so i have no interest in actually scamming anyone because that would just ruin my bussiness.
Also it is a moba game, i can't really steal anything from your account, your account is just an account, i have mine, plus you could always get your account back because you have access to your email, i don't. So it's 100% safe.

6. Do i get anything extra if i comment and recommend you?
Feedback is really important to me so in exchange for that i will gladly give you a free romantic consultation.

Contact me on my discord: HappyTree#9213

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