Worshipers x3 weekend!

18.10.2017, 22:38

Dear Gamers!Game creators just announced, that from 13. October (5:00 am EDT) until 16. October (5:00 am EDT) will last triple Worshipers bonus, which is applied to every match You will play at this time! There's no better time to grind and get your gods to next Mastery level! Don't wait, log in and... (read more)

New hero incoming - Sol, Goddess of the Sun

01.10.2015, 14:52

Is it hot in here or is it just me? ;) New hero is now available in SMITE - Sol, the Goddess of the Sun. Let's see what devs are up to: What were the major goals for Sol? From the start we had the idea that Sol would be a god based on strong basic attacks, and that she would not be a traditiona... (read more)

Take part in Odyssey 2016 - FAQ available

30.09.2015, 12:44

Maybe some of you noticed this already, special kind of event was introduced to SMITE recently. Odyssey 2016 - that's the event name - is limited in time, so familiarize with it quickly. Let's start from the general question - what is it exaclty? The Odyssey is a 14 week journey through the Pantheo... (read more)

Flash news - Double Login Bonus!

29.09.2015, 15:41

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. It's double news time, double news time! (let's double everything!) From Monday, September 28th to Sunday, October 4th, earn double login bonuses every day you login to SMITE on both PC & Xbox! This event runs for a complete week so everyone ... (read more)

Flash news - Chinese mid-Autumn festival

25.09.2015, 14:13

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Let's smite that news! (gods are watching) Cool news for fans of far East - Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival comes to Smite! When? From Friday, September 25th through Sunday, September 27th What's cooking? Play as your favorite Chinese Gods (Hou Yi an... (read more)

Flash news - Alien Attacks at Sept. 22nd

18.09.2015, 14:59

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Aliens are among us! (in SMITE, for sure) There are, really, a ton of changes coming to the Public Test Servers in SMITE on September 22nd. New God Skins New Voice Packs New Announcer Packs New Emotes New Avatars New Wards Updated God Cards Item... (read more)

Flash news - Double Everything weekend

11.09.2015, 12:39

Flash News - the way of broadcasting without hassle. Hasselhoff aproves! (actually he doesn't...) From Friday, September 11th through Sunday, September 13th, earn double Experience, Worshipers, and Favor on both PC and Xbox! This weekend is the perfect time to reach that next god mastery or grind o... (read more)


18.12.2014, 19:38

Are you a nature lover? If yes, you're lucky, because the Smite team has created a drawing by which'll get Sylvanus. Have fun!


11.12.2014, 14:45

Dear Gamekitters, Are you thinking about preparing a videoguide about your favourite games? Have you prepared any guide yet? Would you like to share it with us and increase the number of views? We found a good solution! If you are interested, contact our moderator: (read more)

Help us and get pts!

08.12.2014, 14:50

Dear Gamekitters, Do you want to earn more pts easily? Great, because we prepared another option for you! We are looking for the users who will write news about the games from the list below on our website. If you are up to date with the news about your favourite game, contact our moderator: http:/... (read more)

New skins

09.06.2014, 12:56

Dear players, Two new Xbalanque skins will be introduced in the next patch: Jaguar Footballer (red, white and blue) and Football Star 2014 (yellow, green). What do you think about them?

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14.05.2014, 15:42

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