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Added cody.yeager18 24.03.2017, 06:59

What is this Anti-cheat bs? In what world does shooting over the goal entail cheating? It says get 300 points when you start out with 500. On top of that, you can't get rid of points once earned? Where the hell are the admins on this? Think these quests through before setting them up.

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24.03.2017, 17:44
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They accepted my screenshots of 500 prestige for the first quest (at 300) and the second quest (at 400).
The problem i'm having is the third quest (600 prestige), since moving forward with the game actually skips you from 500 to 750 if you remove all your prestige boosting equipment.



24.03.2017, 22:12

@GoblinoidHero -

They accepted my first quest for 300. But on quest 2 for 400, they rejected me and changed it to getting 1,100. That's quite literally impossible though to get exactly 1,100 so i got to 1,113. Hoping it works.



25.03.2017, 22:20
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I am confused too, I submitted for the 300 point quest, while I waited for them to verify that I played the game, when the second quest was available I had 2690 prestige, that I attempted to submit, and I got the anti-cheat message.

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26.03.2017, 03:04

I'am so mad i play a really long time while they were checking my first screenshot. in that time i got a lot of points and then i posted my second i had 2717 and it didn't except because i went over now i have 2 days left F U C K

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