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I Already Play This, So..

Added Melarec 23.03.2017, 00:08

I already have an account for Skyforge and I've been playing for quite a while, so I'm a reasonably high level.
I'd rather not make a new account, but would I have to in order to earn the points?
Thanks, in advance, for any feedback! ^_^

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23.03.2017, 00:14

Yeah pretty much. Because Gamekit only allows you to be at the exact level, points, etc. that the quest states. So here for example, it says 300 Prestige (which is impossible I believe since you start the game at 500) so you need to get to exactly 300 Prestige.

Seems pretty ridiculous because as far as points go, it's nearly impossible to guarantee you'll hit exactly 300 points, 1000 points, 650 points, or whatever the quest may want. Levels on the other hand are far easier to control.

If I were you, I'd put this one off to the side and wouldn't start it until they work out what to do and alter the quests (if they ever will).



23.03.2017, 01:03
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Shucks. That's what I thought.
Thanks, Luxington.



23.03.2017, 01:13
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Although, if it goes by prestige, I could try switching to a class I haven't played much of..
That may work..



23.03.2017, 17:01

Melarec, I just made a new caracter since I played the game before as well. When you get to the trainning room you have 500 prestige, you can't go any lower. I took a screenshot of me in the trainning room, with my prestige and they accepted all my quests with that. You might as well try, it's a good amount of point. Worth the try.

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