If you like cheap and good games this is a great offer for you! This product offers 5 unique CD-keys which can be activated on Steam platform. Try your chance!

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Only games priced below $ 3, but it actually came ... In less than 4 days ... Thanks GameKit <3


Fun if you have some points to spare.

good for all

Used only 3 of the 5 keys to unlocked all the games so I got 2 keys left. Gonna post those in a GiveAway or something. Would have liked it if I had gotten 5 keys for different games. But the keys I used worked fine, so that's a good thing. Gave 4 stars because this is my first order (aside from the tutorial order), and all keys I tried worked. Besides, if I sum the value of the games (that I could find a value for) I already and up with at least €6,85 worth of games, while the points used would only cost €3,00 based on the lowest option[1] and considering that I haven't even paid for those points, I'm happy. [1]: 500 pts for €1.25 = €0.0025 per pts, €0.0025 x 1199 pts = €2.9975

OK, generally still a steal if you wanna pimp up your steam library a bit. What actually annoyed me a bit was that the 5 pack contained 2 different keys for the same game, so that kinda reduced it to just 4 games. Well i guess i can trade that one steam key with someone else. The games were not really AAA titles, but rather Indie games in the range between 0,50 and 3 USD.

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