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In League of Legends the skins are alternate appearances for a specific champion. Your champion will have a different splash artwork in champion select and loading screen and a different look in the game.
The skins do not give any extra abilities or powers to your champion.
On Gamekit you can get only the skins currently available in the game client's store.

IMPORTANT, in order to receive the skin:
-you MUST already own the champion
-you CANNOT be banned or suspended in League of Legends
-you CANNOT change your summoner name after you made the order and while you are still waiting for the skin.

READ CAREFULLY: how will you receive the skin?
While completing the order we will ask you your summoner name and your server. After collecting those data we will send you a friend request in League of Legends from one of our accounts which will send you the skin as gift.
Please note that sometimes the friend request may fail. If you do not see any friend request from us within 4-5 business days, do not panic, we will send requests again and again until you accept.
If you have not received our friend request within 15 business days of the order (don’t worry, normally it takes much less), please contact support (via the ‘help’ button at the bottom of the page).
Remember: we will NEVER ask you for your password. Never tell anyone your password!

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Bis ich die Fa hatte und den Skin geschenkt bekommen habe, hat es zwar 3 Wochen gedauert. Aber die Hauptsache ist, dass ich ihn jetzt habe :D



Hatte den am 09.07.2017 bestellt und am 12.07. bekommen. Toller Skin! Freut mich, den haben zu können!



Merci j'adore le skin, le site et rapide et efficace et en plus sa à prit que deux jours avant de le recevoir. C'est sure que je vais racheter des skin sur se site. Merci encore GameKit :D <3



I got what I used my points on. No scam. Don't hesitate if you think this is a scam. It is worth the time and effort to get the points. 10/10, would get skins for gamekit again.



Thanks! Received friend request in 1 day after purchase and the very next got the skin:) 5/5 Neet to earn points for Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol. Ashe is the best in PROJECT set

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