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In League of Legends the skins are alternate appearances for a specific champion. Your champion will have a different splash artwork in champion select and loading screen and a different look in the game.
The skins do not give any extra abilities or powers to your champion.
On Gamekit you can get only the skins currently available in the game client's store.

IMPORTANT, in order to receive the skin:
-you MUST already own the champion
-you CANNOT be banned or suspended in League of Legends
-you CANNOT change your summoner name after you made the order and while you are still waiting for the skin.

READ CAREFULLY: how will you receive the skin?
While completing the order we will ask you your summoner name and your server. After collecting those data we will send you a friend request in League of Legends from one of our accounts which will send you the skin as gift.
Please note that sometimes the friend request may fail. If you do not see any friend request from us within 4-5 business days, do not panic, we will send requests again and again until you accept.
If you have not received our friend request within 15 business days of the order (don’t worry, normally it takes much less), please contact support (via the ‘help’ button at the bottom of the page).
Remember: we will NEVER ask you for your password. Never tell anyone your password!

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Received in a few days (I think maybe like 3 or 4) and it's been wonderful ever since. I'm spamming this skin until the day I get Soul Stealer. Great buy, no problems, and the notifications were on point.



I just started with GameKit 3 days ago and was really suspicious since these sites are usually too good to be true. I amassed enough points by playing Crossout and Elsword and tried getting this skin to test, and lo and behold, 100% got it, and in an EXTREMELY timely manner. Within 24 hours I had a friend request from GamekitNA and within 48 hours I had the skin, very fast delivery on my end. As noted by other comments, delivery will probably vary so don't fret if it's not in right away. Thanks GameKit!



Simply the best! Everything was according to plan and I recieved the gift in a very short time. I am really happy with this service! Good work Gamekit!!! So I don't know what else there i8s to say but I am very glad to have worked with Gamekit and yes I will continue to buy things at Gamekit.



OK, deja soyont claire ce n'est pas de l'arnaque sa marche vraiment jai payer les points necessaire et j'ai eu le skin sur mon compte mais, un petit sousis sa prend quand meme du temps t a arriver perso pour moi sa ma pris environ 1 semaine et pour le recevoire vous devais envoiyer un email avec votre pseudo, le serveur ou vous jouer (euw) et le code quil yaura quadn votre achat sera finalise, apres sur votre launcher vous aller recevoire une demande d'amie de "gamekiteeuw" un truc comme ca et cette personne va vous envoyer le skin voila voila desoler pour les fautes j'avais la flemme de corriger Merci



It really took some time for the skin to find its way onto my account but i did receive it :) First you'll have to wait for the purchase to be processed. Then youll get an email asking you for your account name, the server you play on and a link to your gamekit profile to proove its you claiming it. After youll have to wait another 2-3 days till someone from gamekit adds you. Its not necessarily gamekitcomeuw that adds you so dont decline any offers in that time! Then wait about a week more and youll login noticing you got your skin as a gift :) Just as a notice: i purchased 2 skins, this one and project ashe. Im still waiting on Project Ashe which i purchased some days earlier. I'll give an update once i received it.

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