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Screenshot has been Modified/Falsified

Added ekollar3 09.12.2017, 17:28

I have now entered two different screenshots that they claim to have been modified/falsified for the third quest "Reach lvl 30". I have NOT modified the images or anything and I have no reason to. At first I thought maybe I just didn't capture enough of the screen but that doesn't seem to be the issue. I had assumed that it was real people who checked these images because of the amount of time it takes them but I guess I could be wrong since there is absolutely no modification on the screenshots and it still rejects them for that purpose. Has anyone else had this issue? I have only had it with the third quest of this game. I do not want to submit another image without being sure that theres a way to fix this problem.

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09.12.2017, 18:11

I just got my second "reach lvl 30" sceenshot not verified again too! Bull****! The same modified/falsified lies. The most of the moderators didn't even play the game to know to look for in PLAIN DAMN SIGHT! Quest 1 & 2 were accepted with no question. 3rd, done in the exact same got rejected. I think it's the same moderator that just wants to be a ***hole. I just submitted the 3rd one as a jpeg, (not png) not in fullscreen, with character info up in the center too. Let's see how that goes. This is why gamekit should just not let anyone moderate!



09.12.2017, 20:28

Your screenshot has to be on the right page of the game, it has to be full resolution with nothing cropped, and it can't have anything edited on it. Keep trying with these hints, especially the right page one. If you already did all of these, send in a support ticket and they will tell you whats wrong.