Малые коробки с Дзоноквой

26.09.2019, 12:29

Жители Элении!Прирученный Дзоноква очень редок, но королевским ловчим удалось изловить несколько десятков этих величественных верховых животных.С 26 по 30 сентября включительно Казначейство предлагает приобрести Малые коробки Дзоноквы по цене в 9 реалов. Также доступен набор из 10 коробок за 90 реал... (read more)

Spring Magic!

01.03.2019, 14:03

Once upon a time, the green forests of Elenia were inhabited by gentle beautiful Wood Maidens - Dryads. There was a belief that wakening of these magical creatures marked the coming of Spring itself.With the first signs of Spring, people came to Illayr, bringing the remains of their winter provision... (read more)

Steam Trading Cards are here!

13.08.2014, 12:11

Dear players, Finally Steam Trading Cards for Royal Quest have been released! 12 Steam trading Cards, 10 Steam Emoticons, 5 Steam Profile Backgrounds and 5 Steam Badges + a Foil Badge were added. Click here to check why you should collect Steam Trading Cards and how to use them!

Open Beta is live!

05.08.2014, 13:50

Dear players, Now you can download the game, because it is finally in Open Beta! It is enough to have active Steam account and for the beginning you will receive 2 DLC packs!

Guide update: Pets

31.07.2014, 15:01

Dear Players, The next update will be connected to Personal Pets. They can help with collecting lots of epic loot or provide warm during the cold day. Do you want to see creatures that you can team up? Click here!

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14.05.2014, 15:41

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