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[Guide] How to get Robux and Builders Club For Free

Added XPfirePlayz 07.07.2018, 17:25

Hey there,

I have been using Gamekit for years and I have noticed recently a lot of questions have been floating around on how to get Robux and Builders Club for free. This is my step by step guide on how to earn pts and claim rewards for free robux and builders club, on Gamekit. NOTICE: You Need A Nonsuspended Gamekit Account To Earn Pts And Receive Rewards.

Step 1(Selecting Quest): Click on the "Earn Free Pts" tab on the navigation bar. This will show you, all the quests avaliable for you to complete. Select a quest you would like to complete by click "Start Quest".

Step 2(Registering For Quest): Depending on the quest, you may arrive on a game page. Click "Play For Free" button in the middle of your screen. This will redirect you to the game website. Register your information and if needed download the game. Return to the Gamekit page and enter your username. (The game may ask for you to choose a username when you sign up or upon entering the game for the first time, provide THIS username to Gamekit).

If You Click "Start Quest" and you see a prompt to ask for your email. Enter your email that you use for Gamekit. You will receive an email which has a tracking download link. Click the link which will redirect you to the app store. Download the app.

Step 3(Earning Pts): For games, complete the quest prompt and submit screenshot showing what is requested.(May take up to 80 hours to approve, per screenshot) This will earn pts and xp.

For app games, complete what is requested of the offer. These quest automatically complete. (May take up to 72 hours)

Step 4 (Getting Rewards): WOOHOO! You can redeem your pts for 400 Robux(, 800 Robux(, or various Builders Clubs( If you don't have enough points or xp, complete steps 2 and 3 again till you have enough.

Still Have Questions? Leave a comment or send me a message on Gamekit.(Click my name, and send message)

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25.12.2018, 11:18

how to do that



29.12.2018, 15:45
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Can you explain in more detail what you need help with?



13.03.2019, 00:34

Where is the start quest button



29.03.2019, 00:31

Quick Update: The only Roblox Product available now is the 800 Robux, here is the product link:

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