The burning quartet is back!

16.08.2019, 23:59

Greetings, Ascended!On August 16th four glowing Ki Rins will return to the store for a limited time!We have several colours covered. What do you prefer? Blue,Green,Red or Purple?We also have a special guest! The Ember Nebula!– Glowing Sapphire Ki Rin– Glowing Ruby Ki Rin– Glowing Amethyst Ki Rin– Gl... (read more)

Call to Action – Budgie Madness!

08.08.2019, 23:59

Greetings Ascended!We hope all of you are good friends with birds! Because it is time for a return of the Budgie’s!Earn Chaos Motes by finishing special daily quests! The Questgivers can be found in Meridian, Sanctum and Tempest Bay.Get your riding boots and prepare for the ride of your life! Join t... (read more)

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