broken game

Added Mark 09.12.2018, 09:52

I needed to ventilate my heart because this game is broken as hell. I don't mind the endless grind of only killing enemies as the only possible quests (which is quite boring), but some game mechanics are just way to annoying. For instance nemies drop items not 1 not 2 not 3 but like 10 or more, nothing wrong with that. But when you can only pick them up one by one that a whole different story. On top of that when you are busy trying to pick everything up asap the mob you just killed respawns straight away right next to you and targets you again. Also all of the skill are locked on the function keys which sucks, because most keyboards are not designed to have your hand on top of the function keys all the time (they are mend to be pressed one in a while). One thing I do like is the macro functions (auto-heal and skill sequence), it's nice to be able to buff my character with all his buffs with just one key press. Unfortunately it will take more that one nice mechanic to compensate for all of the bad ones. So far I've played a lot of MMORPG's and this one has to be the worst i've played so far. Games are supposed to be enjoyable, but this one feels like a choir.

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24.12.2018, 13:21

You don't need to pick drops one by one, you can keep pressing X to auto-pickup items lol

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