New Year's Reclass Event!

02.01.2019, 12:57

The new year is finally HERE! After our GMs have spoken to many of you and having heard your requests, it was clear that you all wanted a Class Change Event, so... HERE IT IS! Take advantage of this opportunity to try something new or fix mistakes you've made in the past. For the next week, players ... (read more)

Scheduled Maintenance - September 9

09.09.2014, 12:51

Dear Players, Today, 9th September, you should expect a server maintenance between 18:00 and 19:30 (server time). It will include only the routine server check, so the game server will not be available during this time.

Heart of Aegis

06.08.2014, 15:32

Dear players, Kill the beating Heart of Aegis and win great prizes! The Heart doesn't have HP regeneration, but possess enough to withstand for a logn time. The event starts on 6th August, 14:00 (server time) and ends on 12th August, 18:00 (server time). Good luck!

Scheduled Maintenance - August 5

05.08.2014, 13:30

Dear players, Today a scheduled maintenance will take place and will take about 2 up to 4 hours. Games servers will not be available and it will start at 6pm (server time). You should expect removal of Chaos Potions from NPC vendors and routine server check.