Patch Notes 09/06/2021

09.06.2021, 20:04

Item tooltip changed. It has become larger, more convenient and more informative. In the next updates we plan major changes to the equipment interface for operatives, changing the tooltip of items is a preparatory stage for these changesReduced the increase in the grenade throw range depending on th... (read more)

Hotfix 08/12/2020

08.12.2020, 12:21

Fixed freezes of the game and operatives on the map. However, we may not have found and fixed all possible causes. If you come across something similar, please don't hesitate to send us a bug report using Ctrl + Alt + B in the game right in the place where you encountered the problemFixed a bug due ... (read more)

New Rating Season Start

06.11.2020, 06:50

Recently, the first test season of rating battles ended. We didn't have time to implement all the ideas that we had, but we promise to improve the next season. The most important thing is that at the start of the new season, the rating of all players was reset, i.e. everyone starts the new season on... (read more)

Patch Notes 02/10/2020

02.10.2020, 17:15

Patch Notes 02/10/2020Added Syndicate market and currency. There are top items available in the game for Syndicate currency. You can get currency by playing PvP+ and ratings PvP (you cannot buy them for real money)Fixed a bug when HP of the operatives in battle was lower than in the lobbyIncreased t... (read more)

Patch Notes 15/08/2020

15.08.2020, 21:48

Hi, Redditors! New patch was installed. Please, restart the game launcher.Patch Notes 15/08/2020New survival mode. Objective: hold out as many turns as possible until all operatives die against waves of arriving opponents, which become stronger with each turn. The reward is calculated for the number... (read more)

Hotfix 25/07/2020

25.07.2020, 18:03

New patch was installed. Please, restart the game launcher.Hotfix 25/07/2020Added animation of the operative's title and class icon in different windows in case of leveling up or unspent upgrade pointsImplemented highlighting of new (just received) contractsFixed a bug when the special offers were u... (read more)

Patch Notes 09/06/2020

09.06.2020, 09:11

Added ratings and rating battlesChanged the system of subclasses. Now there is a choice of a subclass from 2 random ones, instead of forcing the assignment of a random subclassChanges in skillsIncreased the camera inertia, smoothing the start and end of the camera moving when scrolling the mapChange... (read more)

May Update

25.05.2020, 12:17

Good news, everyone!The Early Access continues, and over the past month we've made great strides towards the release. Among the most important, in our opinion, recent updates, in addition to optimization, bug fixes, improvements to maps and visual aspects, which we are constantly working on, we woul... (read more)