Quest Objectives Are Unclear - Needs Tweaking

Added minhaj66 14.11.2017, 22:41

I finished this offer already, but I have to admit I had no idea what I was supposed to be leveling up. Quest 1 said something about tracks but there was nothing by that exact name. SO I just went to my train yard & upgraded what I thought was most likely it, to lvl 2.
Then quest 2 was the same, still had no idea. And when I got to 3 I just upgraded whatever was important to lvl 2 & sent a screenshot in. I'm in UK by the way if that affects anything.

Also would like to add on that this was a much better game than otheres of the same type. Thought it was one of the other static city/viking stronghold builder game. Which were completely boring & super grindy. I would've preferred a Windows App version of it instead of a browser game.

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