First update of 2021: A new feature is coming!

09.02.2021, 23:59

Dear Players,What an exciting update to Rail Nation! We’re giving you a new bonus engine — its name: Pollux. It can be obtained in the most unique way, compared to any of the other bonus engines thus far.The Video EngineIn order to reward active players, we included a completely new free bonus cargo... (read more)

Servers starting on January 2021

11.01.2021, 23:51

Dear players,We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:Europe scenario COM-203 Tower Bridge (2x)Starting on Wednesday 20th of January, at 13:00 UTCClassic scenario COM-3 Smoke ChamberStarting on Friday 22nd of January, at 13:00 UTCEurope scenario M1.201 ScandinaviaStarting on Wednesd... (read more)

Winter Event Packages Available!

10.12.2020, 23:12

Oh oh oh,The Winter Event just started and we have 3 exclusive packages available for you in the shop:Winter CoinsDiamondsEvent resourcesGoldPricePackage 15011 of each2654,99€Package 215033 of each5609,99€Package 335077 of each1,20019,99€These packages will be available until the end of the event on... (read more)

Servers starting on November 2020

02.11.2020, 20:18

Dear players,We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:American Dream scenario US-103 Broadway (2x)Starting on Wednesday 4th of November 2020, at 15:00 PM UTCAmerican Dream scenario M1-101 Golden GateStarting on Thursday 12th of November 2020, at 13:00 PM UTCAmerican Dream scenario C... (read more)

A new dimension awaits: Platform X!

06.10.2020, 23:59

Dear players,A new dimension awaits! Platform X is a portal to alternative worlds, where new rules apply, old habits are called into question and innovative strategies must be devised.Brand-new features and alternative balancing offer a completely new Rail Nation experience which requires players to... (read more)

Servers starting on September 2020

01.09.2020, 16:00

Dear players,We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:Classic scenario TR--1Buhar KazanıStarting on Thursday 3rd of September 2020, at 12:00 PM UTCClassic scenario COM-05 Cylinder Head 2xStarting on Friday 4th of September 2020, at 12:00 PM UTCEurope scenario COM-201 Big BenStarting... (read more)

Rail Nation Masters 3

11.08.2020, 23:59

THE BIGGEST COMPETITION OF THE YEARThe time has come – round three of Masters is starting! Play in this tournament against players from all around the world in a battle for victory, prestige and prizes! Show off your skills – as a lone wolf or with your association. Rewards including achievements, G... (read more)

The Rail Nation Summer Games

06.07.2020, 23:59

Dear players,With many global events and sporting competitions being cancelled this year, we were thinking about how we can jump in to provide a contact-free event for everyone. Our answer is:the Rail Nation Summer Games!The Summer Games start on 7th July and if you play Rail Nation, you are already... (read more)

Small Shop update on 25th of June

24.06.2020, 02:06

Dear players,On 25th of June 2020, we will update/fix the Rail Nation Shop with a 15-minute downtime. Game worlds will not be available during the following times:07:35 - 07:50 UTC / 09:35 - 09:50 UTC+2s1.rail-nation.coms2.rail-nation.coms3.rail-nation.coms5.rail-nation.coms101.rail-nation.coms201.r... (read more)

American Dream Challenge!

11.05.2020, 23:59

Dear players,The idea behind the American dream is all about putting in the hard work to move forward on the road to success, often competing with others who are doing the same.Having revamped our USA scenario and introducing the new name “American Dream”, we thought of a special challenge to allow ... (read more)

Fast Forward - Round 2

10.04.2020, 23:59

We’re here for you. While the world out there is standing still, we want to continue to provide entertainment and distraction for these perhaps boring times stuck at home, with little to no contact with others.In the last few weeks, we received a lot of positive feedback about our Fast Forward game ... (read more)

Shutting down SponsorPay

13.01.2020, 20:58

Dear players,we have decided to shut down the SponsorPay offer section in the gold shop by the 31st of January 2020.This decision is the result of receiving various complaints, internal and external feedback and due to the fact that the external provider will focus on other areas in the future.Thank... (read more)

The 2019 Winter Event

05.12.2019, 23:59

Ho, ho, ho … ahem … dear players!We’re delighted to spread some winter cheer in the world of Rail Nation again this year. The Winter Event is back!The Winter Event will be activated on all suitable servers for eight days from 12 December 2019 at 2 pm (CET). The game essentially works the same way as... (read more)

HTML5 – This is the current status

11.11.2019, 23:59

Dear players,We’d like to give you a little update about the current status of the HTML5 version of the game.For those of you who missed it: We’re switching from Flash to HTML5, since support for Flash will end next year.A while ago, we already switched all Russian and German servers to HTML5 for a ... (read more)

Master of Knowledge

16.09.2019, 18:00

Dear challengers,The second Masters Community Challenge is about to begin.In this event, we're looking for players with an exceptional knowledge of Rail Nation.The best of the best from all the clever challengers are invited to show their wits in a duel of questions until only the winner, the Master... (read more)

Rail Nation Route: Our plans for 2019

11.02.2019, 23:59

Dear players,Welcome to part one of our ‘Rail Nation Route 2019’. With this and some upcoming blog posts, we’d like to tell you about some of the big topics we’ve planned for 2019.An era will end in 2020, as the Flash Player will no longer be available. That’s why the first topic we need to discuss ... (read more)

Rail Nation Birthday Festival

03.01.2019, 23:59

Dear players,Another year has come to an end and Rail Nation will soon be celebrating its sixth birthday. We have spent a while thinking about how we should celebrate. Balloons? A cake? Maybe paper streamers?We ultimately decided to organise something for you all instead: the Rail Nation Birthday Fe... (read more)

New Series for Medusa in Era 5

09.11.2018, 10:00

Right before the weekend starts we got another surprise for you: A new free productions series for Medusa in Era 5 is awaiting all players.  In order to receive it, you only have to log into the game until November 13th 8pm UTC+1 and will then get your free reward. Have fun with the new produc... (read more)

Major New Update!

30.07.2018, 23:45

Many new features have been added as well as general bug fixes.Features Such as:- New graphics have been created for the engine buy screen in all eras.- Fully redesigned messenger. Not only is it available as a centred screen, it also offers improved layout and usability.- Direct links have been imp... (read more)

Join FB

23.12.2014, 14:57

Hi, Join Rail Nation's Facebook page and win some prizes and get more gold! Click here to learn more details.

Update on September 10th

09.09.2014, 12:57

Dear Players, Tomorrow, 10th September, at 10:15am GMT +2 the update will start and last about 2 hours. The servers will not be available, but the Rail Nation Team will fix many bugs.

Free codes!

27.05.2014, 19:06

Hi! We've prepared for you free codes! Each code grants 40 pts and can be used only once. To use it, enter "get pts" section, then click "gift voucher" and paste the code. Hurry up! 78q3hjfbvums qy16cnx6zred 8p884vd3n4dh 7qj9vpczt6hs ut1q2xs3k71p 7pej4cgwjejp 62uw6jan91rp wpb922f... (read more)