Winter Event Packages Available!

10.12.2020, 23:12

Oh oh oh,The Winter Event just started and we have 3 exclusive packages available for you in the shop:Winter CoinsDiamondsEvent resourcesGoldPricePackage 15011 of each2654,99€Package 215033 of each5609,99€Package 335077 of each1,20019,99€These packages will be available until the end of the event on... (read more)

Servers starting on November 2020

02.11.2020, 20:18

Dear players,We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:American Dream scenario US-103 Broadway (2x)Starting on Wednesday 4th of November 2020, at 15:00 PM UTCAmerican Dream scenario M1-101 Golden GateStarting on Thursday 12th of November 2020, at 13:00 PM UTCAmerican Dream scenario C... (read more)

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