Small Shop update on 25th of June

24.06.2020, 02:06

Dear players,On 25th of June 2020, we will update/fix the Rail Nation Shop with a 15-minute downtime. Game worlds will not be available during the following times:07:35 - 07:50 UTC / 09:35 - 09:50 UTC+2s1.rail-nation.coms2.rail-nation.coms3.rail-nation.coms5.rail-nation.coms101.rail-nation.coms201.r... (read more)

American Dream Challenge!

11.05.2020, 23:59

Dear players,The idea behind the American dream is all about putting in the hard work to move forward on the road to success, often competing with others who are doing the same.Having revamped our USA scenario and introducing the new name “American Dream”, we thought of a special challenge to allow ... (read more)

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