First update of 2021: A new feature is coming!

09.02.2021, 23:59

Dear Players,What an exciting update to Rail Nation! We’re giving you a new bonus engine — its name: Pollux. It can be obtained in the most unique way, compared to any of the other bonus engines thus far.The Video EngineIn order to reward active players, we included a completely new free bonus cargo... (read more)

Servers starting on January 2021

11.01.2021, 23:51

Dear players,We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:Europe scenario COM-203 Tower Bridge (2x)Starting on Wednesday 20th of January, at 13:00 UTCClassic scenario COM-3 Smoke ChamberStarting on Friday 22nd of January, at 13:00 UTCEurope scenario M1.201 ScandinaviaStarting on Wednesd... (read more)

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