Update Highlights 2.12

12.08.2020, 18:03

Greetings, everyone!Today we are announcing Update 2.12 - a smaller, yet important patch that will fix several Arena-centered issues and bugs to improve everyone’s game experience. You can see the entire list of changes below:Arena MiscellaneousFragments of Drexthar Bloodtwin will become available t... (read more)

Update Highlights 2.10

14.07.2020, 12:14

Hey, Raiders!Update 2.10 is reaching the final stages of development, and we are eager to share some of its details with you. We’ve already mentioned the upcoming Tag Team Arena addition, the Bazaar, in the previous Highlight; it is a feature that will allow players to purchase powerful items for th... (read more)

Tag Team Arena Rewards

22.06.2020, 10:14

Tag Team Arena is here and the battle for the top positions has already started!We're very excited to hear what you think of Tag Arena and to see what inventive new strategies you come up with - so we want to give an even bigger reason to play.That's why we'll be giving out special, one-time-only re... (read more)

Update Highlights 1.15

29.04.2020, 10:36

Greetings from Plarium!Update 1.15 approaches, and we have another batch of smaller features and improvements for you to enjoy. From a new Tournament type to endless Clan Boss HP and new Player Levels, we are looking to further increase the overall QoL for all Raiders. Check out the notes below to l... (read more)

Update Highlights 1.13.5

06.03.2020, 16:15

Hey, everyone!We have some exciting news for you all and an opportunity to provide the Dev Team with early feedback. But first things first!Given the recent delay with the release of patch 1.13, we have decided to adjust our development cycle in order to ensure you guys have a steady stream of new f... (read more)

Raid Fan Art Contest

17.01.2020, 12:59

It’s been over a year since the realm of Teleria welcomed summoners across the world - and in that time, most of us have found our favorite Champions, Factions - and even bosses!We know a lot of you have a close affinity to some of Raid’s characters, so we’d like to celebrate that by hosting Raid’s ... (read more)

We Made the Durham Forest Boss Easier

09.01.2020, 16:35

Hey! Some of you may have had trouble beating the Durham Forest Boss on Normal difficulty. It wasn't because your team wasn't strong enough - it just wasn't very well-balanced for new players. So, we fixed it!We have decreased the Boss' ATK, SPD, and HP to make the fight a bit more accessible to new... (read more)