[15.01] Maintenance info

13.01.2020, 20:01

The server will be shut down for approximately 2 hours on Wednesday, 15.01 at 08:00 CET for a maintenance. The time may be adjusted. With this maintenance we will close the holiday events and offers:Events:— Stat reset event will be closed;— Christmas event and daily quests will be closed, as well a... (read more)

[10.12] Maintenance Results

09.12.2019, 16:38

The maintenance has been finished, the server is online.Events:— High Refinement Rates will be active until 18.12, Enriched Materials for refinement are available in the shop— Piercing Expert can make a socket in your Elven Ears with the Auger of Spirit, which will be available in the shop for €9.9 ... (read more)

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