yasor wrote on game forum
what is the most fun champ to play ? lb yasuo blitz shaco nida
hi i need some help pls
i think i have a beug :/
they give me 0 game to play
and when i go to league of legende shop i cant foud offeres help me pls
  • yasor

    yasor ty so mush archer :/ i ll try my best

    13.10.2015, 17:47
  • Archer

    Archer Yasor, you are right, that's a bug. I'll tell my boss about that, does it happens with other games? To make sure they know everything, I have to ask you to send them a message filling the contact form that you will find at the bottom of the page. Please tell them any detail that you may find important, and they will help you.

    13.10.2015, 17:29
yasor wrote on game forum
Vous recevez les rps en ce moment? moi aussi j'ai ce probleme . en plus je ne trouve meme pas les ofres de exchange rp vs pts pls help