allods is free? Sorry for late reply! I just signed up on this website teehee! Anways it is free to play. My highest level character was level 25 I think but anyway I lost that account and I am going to start again soon. It is a very grindy game if you aim to play to be the best. Paying for in-game items can give you a boost and maybe an advantage. Well I do not really know but I have been told you can spend ages grinding unless you have a high-level friend to help. Leveling up can be hard and boring but once you go out of the main city and start exploring in places you have never been it can be very fun! It is very hard to get gold if you are at low-level and/or you are inexperienced. If you watch videos or read forums you should know how to grind efficiently. You do not really need to care about grinding unless you do PVP or if you want to have the BEST gear. I would say it is F2P and P2W (free to play and pay to win). If you spend real life money you can get advantages from the premium shop. You can trade in-game currency for crystals to use in the premium shop. In conclusion: Free to play. Pay to win. PS: I have not played Allods Online for a long time since I use a mac now so if some of the information is wrong then I am sorry! (I used to play 2-3 years ago!) (I am getting a pc!!! yay)