What is your pref champion

I enjoy a lot of champs depending on the lane I play. Often times Morgana is an amazing champ due to her abilities. She can support and mid as her meta is, but it is also possible to play her top. For...
22.05.2015, 20:16

why people say: Urgot is the worst champion on the game?

Urgot has a high skill cap, but is extremely strong. Recently the Urgot mid has been picked up by some steamers and in gold, diamond and challenger he is reasonably popular.
22.05.2015, 20:10

guns in that game so

The way the game defines types is a bit strange. In its Assault rifle umbrella it has snipers which I would consider different. Similarly, Heavy Assault rifles are put with shotguns. You see how this ...
22.05.2015, 03:47

How to increase accuracy?

What CenturionCheese said holds. To add to that I would say that you should aim lower than you normally would with weapons that unload. The Negev has a very strange recoil since it is the only weapon ...
22.05.2015, 03:41

Terraformers on planets bellow 200 slots

Is it worth getting a terraformer on a planet with less than 200 slots? I know how they work and that no matter what they are useful, but I am reaching the point where I could build them and need to k...
22.05.2015, 03:26

Help, Dark Matter

The best way to get Dark Matter is to buy it, or use something as awesome as gamekit to get it. Expeditions are risky, but they work. Expeditions are made to scale. So, if you are a weak player who se...
22.05.2015, 03:24

best supp nami or thresh

I would say that Nami is better. Thresh does have a lot of gap closing for himself as well as an ally, a knockback of sorts and a slow, but that is only good if you are in quick fights. Nami has her Q...
22.05.2015, 03:09