PvP or PvE?

I would recommend being on a PvE or RP server simply for the ease of mind during lvling, keep in mind that you are always capable of moving characters from one server to another. As far as gear PvE ge...
01.07.2015, 00:17

What is the best champ to counter Thresh?

What is the best Thresh counter? I like Morgana, but even she is not perfect.
22.06.2015, 02:15

How do I rename my planet?

Go to Overview and on the main dashboard where planet information is given there is a thing you can click with Abandon/Rename written next to it. From there just write the new planet name in and click...
13.06.2015, 13:21

Best way to lvl-up proffessions?

I recently got all the resources needed to make items that require lvl 20 Weaponsmithing, but my weaponsmithing is only lvl 10. What are the best tasks to do to maximize my xp/hour and is there anythi...
13.06.2015, 13:10

Best mode for getting fast XP?

I have recently gotten back into the game and want to get fast XP. As far as I know competitive matches give the most XP, but I am interested in the best XP per minute or hour ratios for the different...
10.06.2015, 15:58

How does one get into WoW now?

I have not played in a while... aka since Cata came out, but once you reach max lvl you look for raids, then harder raids and farm until you have done the hardest multiple times and have a full set of...
04.06.2015, 15:48

best supp nami or thresh

01.06.2015, 21:35

Fastest Foundry quest that counts for the Daily Foundry?

I am looking for a quick Foundry quest that would count for the Daily Foundry quest. There are many Foundry Quests that are fun, but lets say you have only 5 min, is there a quest you could do that wo...
01.06.2015, 17:33

How to counter teemo?

when playing against teemo you DO NOT TRADE. You have to go all in, or stay out of his AA range. His attacks hurt and the poison damage is significant. Fight him when you know you can kill him, or hur...
22.05.2015, 20:19