Stardoll Quests

If you mean stardoll academy then yes, I have. You get certain items though if you choose a different category such as decor, beauty, or fashion.
01.04.2015, 13:47

How can you be a superstar for free?

There is no way to get a superstar membership for free unless you spend real money. Have hore though since sometimes it's real cheap when stardoll releases an offer for everybody. Don't get fool by ha...
01.04.2015, 13:43

How do I win Dance Battle In a chat?

I don't think there are dance battles in chat but there are dress up battles in which you dress up and compete with others. Just ask the ones hosting the party if they can host a game chat.
28.03.2015, 15:32

is this a good game?

Yes this is a great games since you do task every once in a while and Stardoll always releases new stuff for their players every week.
28.03.2015, 15:24


They just released a Wild Candy store that was completely of starcoins, they are not greedy, they just keep getting bigger which means they need more money to keep Stardoll progessing with the updates...
28.03.2015, 15:21

how do i trade in my points?

When you go to the main page of the game in here or under the stardoll discussions main page just scroll down a little and it will say/ask if you want to trade the points for stardollars only. The low...
30.10.2014, 02:00