Is this game laggy?

It's not. It works perfectly if your computer is strong enough to run it. If it's not that smooth, lower the quality of textures and details and it'll be fine. I hope you're not playing on a toaster, ...
25.09.2014, 13:35

Someone who has knowledge, I need you!

Could someone explain the point of the game to me? I'd like to hear it from a real person, not just read from the internet. What do you love/hate in the game? Is it free?
25.09.2014, 10:32

How much money spent?

How much money have you spend on WoW in total? (including game days etc.)
25.09.2014, 10:13

Longest gaming time?

What's the longest time that you've done nothing but played Minecraft? Literally nothing. Just sit there and play. For me it's 29 hours... I saw blocks everywhere when I finally got up. XD
25.09.2014, 10:09

best build

Cities most likely. I remembre spending half a year building a castle and a town around it. :3
25.09.2014, 10:07

Cave Systems

Start digging a staircase down randomly, you'll most likely hit a cave before bedrock. Also, if your computer is a bit slow to load chunks, when you for example run fast to a new area that hasn't been...
25.09.2014, 10:06