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How do I delete my account? you dont lol it's a blizzard account so either you get rid of all your blizzard games and stats and start over or you dont you cant just delete an account based on 1 game
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Is this game pay2win? no from what i see there no paying for anything unless you want to gamble on chests like a cs go sort of thing you get drops that are chest then they sell the keys to said chests and depending on what chest you have they give level specific gear but other then that no pay to win only skills
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which is the most broken game character? none are broken smite makes sure of that it all depends who you're playing with and against the only broken gods are always the newest gods to come out so the can patch what needs buffed or nerfed basically put it out in the realm let people play the new op god for a week then patch it
Quest: Build a residence please i have it to where i do have residence and they still wanna reject it someone has a stick shoved up their ass apperently took 4 god damn days to reject me on top of that way to waste my time oh and how conveinent they're rejecting when it's a 3x event whats the fucking point of the event if you're not gonna give points in the first place game kit you bunch of assholes