what is the best way to get xp?

I think the best way is by following the quests instructions. They will teach you how to play this game :)
26.05.2014, 13:36

is this fun?

It is a good browser game, I didn't expect it !! I love it
26.05.2014, 12:01

twitch is good adc??

Twitch problem is he is too weak but very strong. It's good depending who are you fighting against
25.05.2014, 14:41

Is the game hard to play

Its like all of web browser games, you just need to understand the basics and keep expanding your empire
23.05.2014, 10:06

Junglers that aren't Yi.

Lee Sin can define a game :D
23.05.2014, 09:52

Partying or playing with friend cross-faction?

Hello, I'm brand new to Aion, haven't even played yet. Just created a quick character to ask this question. :) I came to the game to play with my friend, but she far prefers Elyos (because of the bac...
24.04.2014, 15:31