RP with this web page

the code had given really works?
17.05.2015, 19:13

best supp nami or thresh

Thresh because thresh is a tanky champion that can engage an enemy and yet thresh has a HOOK, AIRBORNE and also SHIELD that lantern can provide. A special of thresh is a lantern that can click of the...
16.05.2015, 19:41

Is fizz still strong?

FIZZ is NERF in Ability Power but there was a exotic player and yet the best thing knew about fizz is Attact damage :)
16.05.2015, 19:39

How easy is this game ?

can i manage it easier like playing The Settlers Online or other game like building ?
16.05.2015, 17:47

RP with this web page

Yes its true by earning points then exchange it to RP.
15.05.2015, 12:21


all language can be use.
15.05.2015, 12:04