When will xbox edition get command blocks? I've checked the Xbox One and 360 changelogs for Minecraft, but neither of them have had command blocks listed in the updates. I also started up the 360 version, updated to the latest TU, and started a new creative world, but it wasn't there either. So I think whoever's been saying they're there is telling you some fibs.
How to drop mob heads? Mob heads only drop in creative mode on the vanilla version of Minecraft, so you'll need to install a mod pack if you want them to drop in survival. AFAIK, the best mod pack for the job is Magic World (and Magic World 2), which is compatible with Feed the Beast. You can find more info on it here: http://ftbwiki.org/Magic_World
Man. I've made plenty of comments, answered questions like I should, and even made a few of my own posts, but I'm not getting credit for spit. What am I doing wrong?
What about leaving java? The Windows 10 version of Minecraft doesn't use Java at all, but installing Windows 10 has its own series of problems and pitfalls at the moment. So it's up to you if you want to upgrade, but I personally wouldn't recommend that you do so until Microsoft sorts out the issues with it.