Smite o lol? cual prefieren

cual prefieren?e mi opinion prefiero lol pero no menospresio los geniales efectos de smite
13.07.2015, 14:02

Alguien me podria decir que campeon es un buen mid

ahri, zed, yasuo o oriana
13.07.2015, 14:00

Torneo de farmea! quien se une?

El torneo se basa en quien tenga mayor farm al minuto 10. comprende muchas mas reglas quien quieree jugar? Mas informacion Youtuber Lolproacademy
12.07.2015, 22:04

Que personaje me recomendais para que sea mi main?

Fiora, Vayne o Oriana
12.07.2015, 22:03

best champioon for mid lane?

in this META the best could be Ahri for her true damage. or some champeons with aoe like Oriana.
04.07.2015, 14:45


lets talk seriously, i played lol since season 2. i prefer league of legends because i have like 3 years plaing it. now when i hear people about dota i just hear thing that i heard on season 2. Dota i...
03.07.2015, 19:38

PvP or PvE?

i prefer the pve because you could get exp and gold really fast and without risk :D
03.07.2015, 19:33