Lineage 2 Dead?

So,I've Been playing lineage 2 since i was little but i dont seem to find good servers anymore for it and i think that lineage2 is dead,what do you think?:))
17.10.2015, 15:33


And i pref playing duo cause its better to carry 2v5 than 1v5 :)
17.10.2015, 13:19


Darius is op if you play him right same with fiora or garen in top lane on midlane orriana was always a strong pick and leblanc never falls from meta junglers:sej mayb good? reksai always was in the m...
17.10.2015, 13:19

Kindred: Good or Bad Champion

I i got a 6 game winstreak with kindred i dont know about how others but if you know how ot play it well u can really outplay your enemy and kite this thing can be done with vayne wich is in my prospe...
17.10.2015, 10:04

All for one

There isnt the "Best" one what i pref is picking the most fun ones like Blitz or even trundle,urgot something like that :))
17.10.2015, 10:02