Thanks for reading my previous articles! :) Today I've got a new one - do you know what Arthas from WoW and Mecha-Hitler have in common? Go here: for best bosses and villains list!
Cool new articles arrived! "Top 11 ludicrous weapons in games" - check it here - and latest "Are video games art? Best fan creations" - here
Interested in World of Tanks tips? Check out this Also, I've made my list of League of Legends & DOTA2 alternatives
  • Tim

    Tim Are ther any games that need no download to play for points?

    30.10.2015, 20:36
  • ashleywalkers 28.10.2015, 19:01
Here's my list of Top 5 Inspiring Twitch channels, take a look:
Hey! If you have a minute to spare, take a look at my new article: Game on! :)
Saw Sherman news in War Thunder this morning... now I want to re-watch Fury:P
  • mikado555

    mikado555 Great movie. Awesome for every WoT and WT fan:)

    28.09.2015, 21:35