if anyone cares to add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/trskine/
  • Skine

    Skine But I hope they don't cheap out and just give the .15 cent skins.

    03.02.2019, 22:34
  • Skine

    Skine @Sky12 after you put in your info that it needs it takes around 30 or so days to go through.

    03.02.2019, 22:32
  • Sky12

    Sky12 Skine, did you received some skins won in a raffle of csgo?

    03.02.2019, 22:31
  • Skine

    Skine @Horizon Thanks m8 :D Have a ton of extra points so I might as well enter a lot.

    03.02.2019, 20:48
  • Użytkownik usunięty

    Użytkownik usunięty Congrats On Your Win :D

    03.02.2019, 20:47
Skine wrote on game forum War Thunder
Win 5 battles You have to send a picture of the wins or win (I sent one picture, 3 days later got my points) It does not just notice it. Do you not read what to do in the quest?