Where are diamonds ?

between 10 and 15, but in the 11 floor it is more common to appear
29.09.2015, 19:55

Ashe or Jinx?

jinx. her abilities are finishers and her ult is the best so far in carrys
29.09.2015, 19:54

your favorite skin?

executive mundo!
29.09.2015, 19:53

Is this worth to play?

it consumes your life, but is still pretty good, but you need dedication and time. The only think i don't like is the same battle mode every time.
29.09.2015, 19:53

Post your Ranking!

I´m not a good ranked player, but i loved this new chest idea and i´m looking foward for the legend rank, right now im 11 and i use a lot the dragonpriest and Handlock.
28.09.2015, 21:47

What you guys think about the new expansion

TGT is pretty cool, they upgrade the priest and paladin for better.
28.09.2015, 21:45


MidRange Hunter, Secret Paladin and Grim Patron Warrior are the new cancer...i mean meta, yeah.
28.09.2015, 21:44

What's the best legendary to craft?

The best legendary in my opinion are 3: -Dr. Boom (Control deck) -Al´Akir the Windlord (Finisher) -Ysera (Control in every deck)
28.09.2015, 21:43

need hearth friend

hey! my tag is reineta#1241 add me :)
28.09.2015, 21:39