Zed or Yasuo?

Yasuo is great for a gank if he's jungling. But Zed counters Yasuo so be careful
03.09.2015, 23:48

What's the meaning of AP and AD?

AD is Attack Damage AP is Ability Power Most of ADC's are AD And Most Mid laners are AP
03.09.2015, 23:47

Best bot lane combos?

Twitch with Morgana is cool. For a Poison bot.
03.09.2015, 23:46

Do u guys think Ekko is broken?

I main and Mastered Ekko, and personally Tank Ekko is for a win. He is OP When tank Jungle. Why? Because his shield allows to save his health while jungling and once he uses his w (stun) and his healt...
03.09.2015, 23:44

Wich is the best project skin

I would have to say Yi
03.09.2015, 23:42