Name too long and can't highlight building

My quest was to build the barracks but I'm not sure if they already know what barracks look like or if I have to hover cursor over it to display name. The Problem is my name is too long and shows a "....
23.02.2016, 04:03

Getting the embassy

1.) Go to Village Center 2.) Click on an empty building site 3.) click on infrastructure 4.) scroll down until you find embassy 5.) Click "Construct Buildings" 6.) Done :D
09.02.2016, 00:43

Quest 1 of Under Control

How do you reach level 2??? I completed the first mission so I assumed the next one is level 2, I sent picture and it got rejected. So I completed that mission, sent it, rejected. HOW DO YOU REACH LEV...
06.02.2016, 00:30