My little farm First of all, you should follow the main story missions because they easily get you to level 5 in a few hours. You can also increase your level by earning XP through the production of resources. You get XP for receiving the resources at the end of the timer, but also during the production if you water the plants, give your animals food/water etc. which also reduces the time until your can harvest your product. Last but not least, there will be small tasks that pop up on the left side which require you to do something like placing 3 decorations or harvesting 20 plants. They also give you small amounts of XP as soon as you complete them. I hope this helps somebody. ;)
Hey, I'm a noob... It is also no shame to play against bots in the beginning especially to become better in hand eye coordination because it is very important to be able to know exactly which movement you need to do to get to get to a certain point on your screen without having to slowly pull the cursor towards it until you are there. There are also programs on the internet that simulate exactly what I am trying to get across - you may find links on wikipedia as well for example. But keep in mind this is only one part of being a good player though it is one of the basic skills everybody will always use.
Is it just me or does the standard profile photo look like a strict version of Velma from Scooby Doo?