Best mode for getting fast XP?

The best amount of XP you can get from competitive games but till rank 3, deathmatch is one of the best.
27.08.2015, 20:19

How to start?

Play deathmatch a lot. It will help you at start. Then I recommend you to play tournament mode. Try to play with some friends also, it is more fun and you learn faster.
26.08.2015, 15:58

Best CS:GO teams in the world.

My top 5: 1. Fnatic 2. EnVyUs 3. 4. TSM 5. NaVi Fnatic are unstoppable for such a long time. Share your top5 thoughts.
25.08.2015, 15:17

What is better M4A1-S or M4A4?

It depends! I like M4A1-S more because I can shoot straight into enemy player without huge change in recoil.
25.08.2015, 15:07