What is the best way to earn gold?

Play arena. It is not that hard to get 7 wins, after few runs you should be able to do that.
26.08.2015, 20:05

Are you disappointed with TGT?

Maax, I have almost whole colletion and I wanted to try some new decks even if 30% of all the cards from expansion is good. That is not much but still something new.
26.08.2015, 20:01

Are you disappointed with TGT?

I just opened 70 packs and still can't do any good deck with that. Cards doesn't seems so great... I feel disappointed. It is like 70% of the cards are pointless. Why blizzard?
26.08.2015, 15:21

Which packs should I buy?

Only classic packs. TGT is not worth it, atleast for me.
26.08.2015, 15:17

Which legend should I craft from TGT?

All the legendary cards aren't that good, so don't craft anything. Just wait man.
26.08.2015, 15:16

How to take part in tournaments?

I started to play a while ago but still not have clue how to take part in this draft tournements. It is available for free? I saw that I can enter with packs but how do I get them? Only for money? Tha...
26.08.2015, 15:14