Wieso wird mein lvl nicht anerkannt

Total doof von Gamekit... Dauergamer werden meiner Meinung nach nicht gewünscht. Es sollen möglichst viele neue Accounts gemacht werden. Schade
27.10.2016, 15:11

Skins frage ^^

Du musst den Champion haben. Sonst kannst du bei League of Legends die Skins garnicht kaufen. Was aber möglich ist: Permanente Skins von Champions, die du nicht hast, im Hextech-Cafting bekommen. Die ...
27.10.2016, 15:10

Quest 3 level30

very hard... don't think anyone could get this in time :)
20.05.2016, 08:52

New champio - SEASON 6

This champ looks so OP. I saw the Champion Spotlight and i thought: Pretty nice Ulti, but it was the E... Let´s see how it will be in real gameplay.
13.11.2015, 10:50

When it was the first time you played the game, and where ?

Played it at home, on my MacMini. One of the first champions I played was Teemo in the rotation i think. It was shortly after the release of Bard, i think.
13.11.2015, 10:49

How do you work ur way into season 6 ?

I like the easy masteries. But they make it not very hard to figure out what to choose. Looks like not much thought on that. New items are awesome. The Quinn update is killing it all. So OP, Graves...
13.11.2015, 10:45